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Mr Carter at a local baseball game

About Us

The Gil Carter Initiative, a non-profit organization, was formed to commemorate the accomplishments of Mr Gil Carter, a native of Topeka, Kansas, a successful baseball player in the Baseball Negro League and to continue his work in the community.

The idea for this commemoration was born during the last year of his life. Through many conversations with him and with several of his friends and acquaintances,  his history as an accomplished baseball player and his dedication to community activities in support of the youth of Topeka was uncovered.

Prior to his death in May 2015, his care giver Ms. Forbes discussed with him, among other topics, how he would like to be remembered and in what format such a memorial should take. Through these discussions, he gave her his approval to start a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth and young adults in the city of Topeka including the surrounding areas; with special consideration to those who are challenged socioeconomically.

In December 2015, the Gil Carter Initiative became a reality.

Gill Carter was born on November 11, 1931 and died at his home in Topeka on May 31, 2015

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The mission of the Gil Carter Initiative Inc. is to enhance the development, dignity and quality of the lives of, but not limited to members of the community; through specialized education in diverse areas, focusing on socioeconomically challenged children and young adults regardless of their race or religion.